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Varonis, a leader in the cybersecurity space, has spent the last decade rapidly transforming from a startup to a powerful data protection solution.
For several years, Varonis maintained the same perfectly serviceable corporate website, but our growth was quickly outpacing the site. In 2021, we re-envisioned from the ground up, challenging the foundations of everything from our messaging to our brand identity, to ensure the website of 2022 finally reflected the premium cybersecurity brand we are.
Of course, a project this big is only as impressive as the team behind it, so I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the amazing contributions of every member of the Varonis creative team who rallied around this initiative and helped bring it to life. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
Design principles
To kick off the project, we examined the Varonis brand voice—what do we want users to feel, subconsciously or otherwise, when they visit
We drilled down to three foundational words—futuristic, limitless, and hopeful—to craft an identity that feels not only technologically sophisticated but also approachable and trustworthy in this intimidating world of cybersecurity threats.

Motion design by Hook

The homepage
We knew the homepage hero was a flagship opportunity to tell a compelling brand story to captivate our users. With a scroll-triggered, motion-driven design, we illustrate the story of chaos—data growing and transforming exponentially—to order—the understanding our technology imparts on that chaos.

Hero animation storyboard

The main navigation menu of the site introduced some challenges as we sought to simplify the offerings of the platform into three primary solution categories. In the pursuit of simplicity, a meganav that overemphasized the complexity of our product suite was out of the question. 
Instead, we designed a hierarchical menu that allowed the user to first understand the core offerings of the platform and then drill down to more specific use cases.

Desktop product menu

Mobile product menu

Company pages
For less technology-focused pages, such as Company and Careers, I used expansive, evocative imagery, both illustrated and photographic, to highlight the Varonis culture. Our Careers page features a large, animated hero composed of custom photos of our offices and team members. Check out the animation here!
Product and technology pages
I designed our technology deep dive, How it Works. The template for the product page on the right was designed by our fabulous brand designer, Heather Harbour which was used for 12 different product pages, each with custom illustration.

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