Content creation, web design

When I joined the Varonis team in late 2019, the design organization was missing a key brand resource—a single central source of truth for the Varonis brand identity. Guidelines were buried in templates and scattered across various external agencies' documentation, but there was no single resource we could share with new team members or design partners to ensure brand cohesion.
Accordingly, one of my first big initiatives at Varonis was to spearhead an interactive brand microsite to centralize our brand guidelines and serve as a living, always up-to-date resource for design partners.
To kick the project off, I started with a discovery conversation with Varonis' marketing leadership to delve into the brand's history as well as its aspirational voice. From there, I distilled the conversation down into a defined set of brand principles, wrote and designed the microsite, and managed the development cycle and QA process to deliver that much-needed central source of truth.

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